La droguerie écologique®’s alcohol vinegar is an aqueous solution containing acetic acid (titration at 8%). Natural, multi-purpose, eco-friendly and inexpensive household product, the vinegar has numbers of properties: degreaser, air freshener, limescale remover, cleaner… It is used as cleaning product or for family hygiene and even in cosmetics as well. It acts as weak acid (chemical formula CH3-COOH): this allows the neutralisation of weak bases and to decompose carbonates more particularly (including limescale deposits in our pipes).
Regulatory information: dangerous, please follow condition of use.


Environmental benefit

Alcohol vinegar originating from Organic farming and certified Natural Detergent by ECOCERT. Concentrated formula. Made in France by alcoholic fermentation of cereals organically grown.
Recyclable PET packaging. Wide range of use.


For domestic appliance maintenance, substitute your descaling product for ½ glass of white vinegar. For washing machine uses, poor a glass of vinegar in the conditioner compartment of your washing machine in order to remove limescale deposits and to soften clothes.
White vinegar is a multi-purpose product which is a component of many recipes. Click here for more information.