Powders and basic products

Effective and economical, La droguerie éco’s products can be used as they are sold as well as combined, for a natural maintenance of you home. You will find out that, with few concentrated products and used the right way, you can get rid of numerous “miracle products”, which are sold for very specific applications, burden your cupboards and do not preserve the Earth.

"La droguerie écolo" washing kit
“La droguerie écolo” starter kit
Bicarbonate of soda – Technical
Terre de Sommières
Soap flakes
Sesquicarbonate of soda
Beeswax flakes
Concentrated laundry powder
Blanc de Meudon
Percarbonate of soda
Soda Crystals
Citric acid
Diatomaceous earth
Alcohol vinegar 8%
Alcohol vinegar 12%
Vinegar Gel 12%
Carnauba Wax
Liquid wax
Household black soap 100% organic
Organic sunflower oil black soap
Household liquid black soap – organic olive oil
Organic household black soap in paste – organic olive oil
Clay stone
Textile dye