Household accessories

La droguerie éco® offers a wide range of ecological accessorises originating from natural or recycled resources. Our aim is to contribute to a greener everyday life, acting on day-to-day cleaning practices.

Ecological green sponges
Ecological green and brown sponges
Green ecological scrubbing pads
Copper cleaning pads
Copper scraping sponge
Latex gloves FSC® certified
Natural latex gloves FSC® certified
Multi-purpose microfilament cloths
Window microfibre cloth
Multi-purpose microfibre cloth
Microfilament cloth for delicate surfaces
Screen cloth
Cellulose sponge cloths
Wiping towels 100% recycled fibres
Mops 100% recycled fibres
Microfibre floor cloth
Microfibre ‘pebble’ sponge
Fine mist spray 250 mL
Pump dispenser bottle 300 mL
Graduation trigger spray 510 mL
Trigger spray 1010 mL
Silk and wood broom
Wood and fibre mopping broom
Wood broom handle
2 in 1 bottle brush
Silk and cotton bottle brush
Bottle brush FSC® certified
Kitchen matches FSC® Mix certified
Vegetable fire starter
Clothes pegs
“Onlywood” clothes pegs
Anti-limescale washing balls
Dishwasher anti-limescale ball
Anti-limescale disc for dishwasher
Anti-limescale device
Anti-limescale ring (for toilets)
Ecological trash bags