Microfilaments are an innovative, eco-friendly and high-performance material. Its texture, which is surprising at first, proves that it is very effective. This is due to the special technology used to manufacture this cloth, usually reserved for cleaning and restoration professionals.
Nonwoven, this cloth is made of only one ultra-thin and very long thread, which allows it to trap water and dirt in a very effective way, without absorbing it. This cloth’s thread is less than 0.1 decitex thick, that being equivalent to the hundredth of a hair.
Flexible and micro-perforated, this cloth can be used for all surfaces (does not scratch). Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm.


Environmental benefit

Material and dyes used for this product manufacturing are Öeko-tex 100 certified: it testifies that this cloth is free from substances which are toxic to humans and environment. There is no need to use cleaning product, or just very few product. Very long-lasting, it is machine and hand washable (up to 500 washes), and is suitable to be dried in dryers. If needed, you can use some softener for washing.
Made in France.