Our commitments

1 – Only the personal data you share with us during a purchase or when you contact us is processed, and only within the framework of your purchase or request. For example, new customer creation, order creation or tracking, and so on.

2 – Advertising emails, newsletters and any other commercial documents will only be sent to you with your explicit permission.

3 – All of the data you entrust to us is hosted exclusively in France.

4 – The amount of time for which we store your data corresponds to the minimum time required to process orders, and to the legal provisions for data storage.

5 – Your personal data cannot be shared without your explicit permission.

6 – You can access, correct or delete any or all of your personal data in accordance with your legal rights.

7 – We have taken all appropriate action to ensure your personal data remains protected.

8 – If your personal data is breached, you will be informed quickly and in detail.