Vegetable black soap (also named soft soap) is made out of potash and linseed oil. Its high soap concentration (12%) gives it its syrupy consistency. Excellent multi-purpose cleaner, it can be used for degreasing, stain removing, machine washing (or by hand) and all-surfaces shining, whether at home or in the garage. You can use it for gardening or pet caring, which makes black soap even more economical and indispensable!


Environmental benefit

– Made of oil originating from linseed 100% organically grown in Western Europe.
– Does not contain any dye, any thickener, any preservative.
– Production and packaging in Western Europe.
– Available in 1L and in 5L economy-size bottles (made of PET).
– Certified Natural Detergent by ECOCERT Greenlife according to standards available on:
– Wide range of use.
– Non-toxic to humans, environmentally safe.


Put few black soap on a sponge and clean dirty surfaces. For those very dirty, combine black soap with some Blanc de Meudon (half-and-half), apply directly on the surface and rinse.

It has numerous other possible uses. Click here for more information.