La droguerie écologique®’s carnauba wax, designed for floor cleaning, allows to clean and protect most surfaces. After drying, it improves dirt and water repellency, protects from frictions, has an anti-static effect and, thanks to the wax supply, it allows floor respiration while regenerating it. Carnauba wax is a neutral and easy-to-use product which leaves floors shiny after drying, even without polishing. Surfaces: floors, stairs, oiled/waxed woods, counter tops, wooden furniture, cork, lino, tiles, terracotta, slate, marble, waxed concrete, natural stone…


Environmental benefit

– Universal wax cream for floors, made of organic carnauba wax (extracted from Brazilian species of palm) and made in France.
– Certified Natural Detergent made of organic ingredients by ECOCERT Greenlife according to -Ecocert standards available on
– Recyclable 1L bottle.


For floors regular maintenance, dilute 4 tablespoons of carnauba wax in a bucket with 6 to 8L of water. Clean floors with a mop and leave drying.

Carnauba wax can be used in many other ways. Click here for more information.