Clay stone is a multi-purpose cleaner usable for hard and water-washable surfaces. In most situations, it can be an alternative to numerous classic household products. Clay stone deals with toughest dirt, removing it easily from all hard surfaces such as plastics, PVCs, leather, enamel, tiles, stones, lino, windows, mirrors, inox, aluminium, silver and silverware, tin, brass, copper, chrome… and all these materials, without etching it, plus leaving a light satin aspect. It is sold as a semi-hard paste. Please use it, it is particularly economical!

Environmental benefit

– Exclusively made of natural and/or originating from Organic farming raw materials.
– Certified Natural Detergent, made with organic ingredients, by ECOCERT Greenlife, according to ECOCERT standards:
– Made in France, packed in 500g (sponge included) and in 125g jars (sponge not included).



Just wet a sponge and wipe over the paste to take some product. Rub the surface to be cleaned: inox, enamel, tiles, faience, crockery, sink, taps, oven, grills… Rinse with water and wipe with a microfibre cloth to polish.

You can use your clay stone for many other works. Click here for more information.