Innovative and unique mix of sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate (soda crystals), sequicarbonate is a multi-purpose, economical and very effective household product. It is often used as water softener in regions where problems linked to hard water are widespread. Added to the laundry, it increases the efficiency of detergents or soap. Sequicarbonate is a Borax substitute, which product has been forbidden because of its dangerousness. It substitutes sodium percarbonate to remove stains at low temperatures. There are other possible uses for this product: copper cleaning, delicate textiles washing, cutlery washing, swimming pool maintenance or even in the bathwater, for a feeling of well-being.

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Environmental benefit

– Originating from common raw materials (chalk, salt, water).
– Fabrication and packaging in Western Europe.
– Kraft bag packaging.
– Non-toxic to humans, environmentally safe.


In order to remove stubborn stains (tobacco, fat, fingerprints on doors, hoods, walls), dissolve 5g of sequicarbonate in 0.5L of water. Clean surfaces using this solution and then rinse them with clear water.