This black soap is made of organic olive pomace, organic olive oil and organic sunflower oil. With its 20%-soap concentration, our product is quite concentrated and very effective. It is an excellent multi-purpose product for cleaning, degreasing and saving money. Only 2 squirts are enough for 5L of water.

Environmental benefit

– The organic liquid black soap of La droguerie écologique® is made of 100% organic plant ingredients, origination from France or Western Europe.
– Does not content any dye, thickener or preservative.
– Available in 1L and in 5L economy-size bottles (made of PET).
– Certified Natural Detergent, made with organic ingredients, by ECOCERT Greenlife, according to ECOCERT standards:
– Wide range of use.
– Non-toxic to humans, environmentally safe.



the ultimate multi-purpose household cleaner! Prepare your own homemade multi-surface product: drop 3 tablespoons of household liquid black soap with 1L of water into an adequate bottle (i.e.: you could choose a spray bottle). You can put in some essential oil if you like. Then, your cleaner is ready for use!

Your liquid black soap can be useful in many situations. Click here for more information.