La droguerie écologique®’s shoe polish balm is ideal for leather care, to clean, nourish, renew and shine all leather items (shoes, bags, clothes, etc.). Brush dry the surface to be coated with balm to remove dust and apply a thin layer of product with a brush (paying particular attention to seams). Leave drying and then shine with soft brush, rubbing vigorously.
Keep away from heat. Do not use on suede surfaces. Keep out of reach of children.
Available in 75mL jars and 3 colours: black/brown/colourless.

Environmental benefit

Made in France with a large proportion of waxes and oils from organic farming (up to 42%), other ingredients originating from plants. No petroleum derivatives. Waterproofing balm is certified Natural Detergent, made with organic ingredients, by ECOCERT Greenlife, according to ECOCERT standards: