Indispensable tool for every home, this multi-purpose and easy-to-use brush is made of dense coco fibres which ensures its high durability. It is ideal for outdoor housework, in the garage, in the garden… as well as it is useful indoor, for scrubbing sinks, pots, pans, for fruit and vegetable brushing (potatoes, carrots, radish, beet, etc.) and so much more.
Wash with clear water (or eventually with Marseille soap) and hang up to dry.

Environmental benefit

With biodegradable materials, this coco brush consists of flexible and very resistant coco fibres and a ring-shaped wire core (does not rust). Does not trigger allergies.
Label made of recycled paper, printed with plant-based inks, printer certified Imprim’vert (eco-friendly printing).
Made in Sri Lanka.